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About this site:

The goal of this website is to have transcriptions along with the audio files of Śrīla Gurudeva. In other words, on this site every audio file has a transcription and each transcription matches an audio file. The idea is to provide the opportunity to either listen to the audio only; or to read the text only; or to read and listen simultaneously.

Having the transcriptions closely corresponding to the actual words of our spiritual master serves as an archive for future projects. Having these words available also provides results when someone is doing a search online.

A transcription is a type of genre and should be as close as possible to the actual audio file. These transcriptions are a valuable resource because they provide a foundation for other projects.

Another long-term goal is to organize all of the audio files according to time, place, and topic.

Anyone interested in helping with this project can contact me. I need help finding images to match the topics. I also need help transcribing and organizing the audio files.

This website was begun on this sacred day of Aksaya Tritiya 2015. May Śrīla Gurudeva (and the entire guru-varga) be pleased.